I am so glad I came into this school.

Never mind the rigour of JC. 

I’ve received so much more than just knowledge.

Everything; the friends I’ve made, floorball, the soft skills I’ve learnt, the ability to make a decent conversation and sustain it, the not-shutting out people bluntly because I don’t wish to make a conversation, a whole new perspective of leadership, the chance to learn ELL, everything makes me feel immensely thankful.

I just read the very first post I made on this blog, which I remember was written on the night of the day before my first step into ACJC last year – me tapping away on the keyboard with my mom screaming at me to make some lifestyle changes and sleep early for once cos JC was about to start (not that I’ve dealt with that problem yet).

I was so dull then. So lacking of energy, absolutely defeated by life in secondary school. I was looking for a chance to reinvent myself, and discover what genuine acceptance feels like. What going to school and not finding fault with countless people feels like.

So I thank you, ACJC and the people here who have blessed me with the opportunity to look forward to going to school everyday and cuddle in the embrace of people who appreciate my existence. You have given me nothing but love and a precious sense of belonging.

To be able to be blissful, I think I understand it now.

the warm arms of acfloorballers

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