NEWS ARTICLES that deliberately stoop to defamation are honestly gross. We all need to be able to distinguish between reporting facts and deliberately making incendiary statements, regardless of the authenticity of the information. “I am just reporting facts and figures, you can’t blame me for this! Much less bring me to court!” no… It doesn’t work this way.

The larger issue: freedom of speech. Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee and Straits Times Review yadda yaddaa… attempts in Singapore made to test the system and its restriction will not work for a reason. Singapore was never built on freedom of speech, and the very foundations of our social order is dependent on this fact. Yes, there will be discontent, but people respect the fact that not every matter requires debate on what’s right or wrong and it goes back and forth and back and forth… And by the time you make a decision you realise society has been divided into two stubborn groups of people who want to be right…. more so than to seek for something they truly believe is beneficial for society. Like clinton and trump supporters. And messi and ronaldo fans.


“SMRT issued a fake news on 5.56pm claiming that services resumed, but a reporter from TodayOnline checked that one of the affected stations were still closed at 6.30pm. Services only resumed at 6.48pm.

An estimated 2 million passengers were affected by the train breakdown today, which is the largest breakdown affecting most number of stations in history.”

And this news article… Purposefully incendiary writing is good method to gain support from a naive crowd, not a majority. It doesnt make you fake news, it makes you news that people read and want to block the source because after a long day of work, it’s very unpleasant finding something that aims at giving people more emotion than fact. And when you do this in a country that enforces social studies as a compulsory subject, you can’t get anywhere. contrary to popular belief, social studies doesn’t teach us to like our government. Heck, so many students find out how flawed our government is from learning ss. It teaches us (not including the students who decide to not learn the subject) to assess statements, tell apart fact from opinion, biased from unbiased, credible from absolutely crap 

And this is why, regardless of the facts you report, regardless of what I stand for, regardless of how much i hate being late to school on a thursday morning right before my exams cos the train was stuck at cck for a solid 20 minutes as much as you do getting home later than usual, i feel that you, states times review guys, should shut down and stop stirring nonsense in people’s lives

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