​Watching this time and time again and every single time it hits me so hard… 
(As the title shows) It’s the A div finals in 2014 my school worked superbly hard to participate in. Arguably the best team acjc has had. They were 0-2 down to rjc but showed so passionate a fight that they managed to come back to 2-2 in the final period, but finally conceded 3-2 in the last 2 minutes and left as silver medalists.

They were great players, regardless of the amount of experience they had. Sure there were better players who were expected to carry the team on their shoulders the entire tournament, but what was instead so remarkable about the team was that the players who were absolutely new to the sport managed to bring themselves up to the next level to match their better teammates.

The team became amazing. Nevermind that they lost, they were amazing. They left a legacy and a reputation for the college that their juniors have been expected to live up to. It was a special kind of passion that’s hard to be able to even remotely feel now. Every time I watch the match, I feel especially broken, because that feeling seems long lost. I want my team to be able to play on a stage like that, and genuinely make our schoolmates proud even in defeat. I keep questioning, where did the hunger come from?

Too many nights I’ve spent thinking about what can be. But everyone else just feels okay with what is and what isn’t. 


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