About God

​I was scrolling through facebook and came across a news article about antibiotic resistances and illnesses when I came across this comment.

“Certain sickness only God can heal provided u hv faith n believe in Him.” sic

Prior to entering acjc, I never believed in God. I was never surrounded by methodist values in my primary or secondary school because my schools never enforced practices for a single faith. I thought God was a ridiculous, made-up craziness that Christians and Catholics preached of. Because there was absolutely zero evidence of a creator, or a majestic being who sees over us in the skies. Science proved otherwise, so I never let up to the nonsense.

But coming into acjc, a methodist institution, was changing, if that’s a good word to describe it. I was, all of a sudden, surrounded by believers. Every school day I had to go through words of prayer. And on mondays I had to compulsora-rily attend this weird chapel thing that was magically boring. Most students sang the worship songs in chapel fervently, but for the rest, the songs were the perfect lullaby. I felt that it was all so pretentious and lame at first, but then as the terms went by, I started to listen more instead of making use of chapel to supplement my sleep.

Our school principal told us, “Even if you don’t believe in God, I seek you to listen and learn about our methodist values.”-somewhere along the lines of this. I listened. It affected me. I gradually felt more and more open to the ideas of a god. They spoke of common virtues that every man should heed by, and of empowerment and enlightenment that every person can go to God and beseek. 

Any man, believer or not, can trust that there is a being that he can confide in to confess sins, discover virtue, cure exhaustion and uncover a source of innate strength. In Christianity, that being is Jesus, whom they choose to revere and see as a being who lives with them, and watches over them as their lives go by. Okay, that’s them. But this way of thinking – I find it truly amazing. Amazing in how regular people can discover strength within themselves to tackle harsh circumstances with something as ridiculous-sounding as belief. I love it, and it inspires me to seek strength from within.

However, there are people who think that God can cure all. I fail to see how this is reasonable thinking. Now, ‘belief’ can empower someone, but not in a tangible way. To entrust God to treat your illness while you sit back and die is not what God would want. I believe God motivates you to find the strength to help yourself, not have him help you. So when believers preach that God can cure all while we sit and pray, I shut my ears because God entrusts me to go out there and seek the cure.

Regardless of my disagreements, I do respect these ideas and practices as they are. I continue to respect the Lord wholly, for I know God stays with me, and continues to strengthen me, as Joshua 1:9 says: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, nor discouraged, for the Lord, your God, will be with you wherever you go. 


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