there happens to be a disproportionately large number of whiny ex single sex school students who cannot seem to stop expressing their yearning for their beautiful secondary school days… that’s all already in the past??? Like ya I know single sex schools were damn fun and stuff because u got no opposite sex people to judge u so u let loose but then again how many times u wan post about crescent/sji/mgs cb we understand it was fun but come on man AC is alr really good with a great school culture u just happen to keep overexaggerating the unfortunate experiences you encounter in school and leave out the good ones because of how caught up u are in trying to prove that your sec school was da bomb like you get one or two bad teachers and u go and say teachers in AC are shit ya fk u dude sometimes just because they make u upset or screw up ur plans or even make u cry doesnt automatically make them shit teachers ya they make u upset but dont hold it against them dude… u hold a grudge as if u got some ancient hatred like get a fking grip of urself u sassy bitches. This sounds damn cliche but ya what if your future bosses are like this?? U just gon sit down and whine about how good ur previous bosses were to you??? Straighten urself the fk up and suck it up annoying bitches just because your sec sch was good doesnt make other schools shit. U only can survive in best schools??? Throw u in a neighbourhood school and u’ll rot there ah??

And another thing is u guys also keep babying each other it’s fake and fking ridiculous it’s not wrong but it’s so excessive and trendy to baby each other that it’s become like

-complain abt sth in sch

-baby each other “it’s okay honey stay strong babe we got this” 

-expect things to happen

It feels good the first few times la because u know that ur friends are there for u but it’s only gonna encourage a whining culture dude wtf it gon do for u when ur only incessantly whining and whining and whining 


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