It’s been 6 months since I first picked up the school’s floorball stick to play.

I remember how before everything started, I wanted to get into badminton so badly. Ever since kindergarten, I had become so passionate for badminton, but I never got the chance to play for a school. After so long, I thought I finally had the opportunity coming into AC. I was pretty confident. But I was also pretty wrong. I got rejected at the trials. I rushed to their training on a friday evening, panting while pleading the coach to let me in given my past training with a qualified coach. He nastily told me the team had no space to train any worse players, but he said he’d consider, with the condition that he won’t be focusing on me during training.

I was disappointed, so I trudged home with my hopes kinda shattered.

The same night, the ex-floorball vice captain Nicholas texted me, asking me if I was still interested in joining floorball because I missed the first day of the try-outs(I never planned to go anyways my friend forced me to sign up for it). At the end of the text from Nicholas that was full of contracted words and short forms, he added a smiley face. He invited me to go for the training the very next day on a saturday morning.

I was still pretty upset about badminton then, but since I didn’t have any other CCA I was planning to join, I decided to go for the floorball training the next day. 

It was pretty early in the morning, however I was quite excited to get into a new sport. I went in shy and quiet, with no one whom I recognized there. The training started off on a warm and friendly note as the J2s were surprisingly welcoming. I still remember when I first picked up the heavy training stick – it felt so uncomfortable and awkward to hold. Since I missed the first training, a J2, Shannon, had to teach me all the basics from a scratch while the other J1s were already nimbly dribbling back and forth. 

I had so much trouble getting my motion for passing and shooting right, and it was quite hard catching up with the rest initially. I felt like I had a lot of trouble moving with the pace of the drills. I slowly got the hang of it, and the sport actually started to feel pretty fun, feeling the ball on the blade of your stick and all. The main highlight of the training was that the J2s made you feel so welcome, it was like you were already part of the floorball family.

That was the main reason why I, and a lot of other current floorballers, were enticed to join the CCA. It was the warm spirit and welcoming voices that I experienced in floorball, and not once in badminton. I was in an actual team sport.

From that first day onwards we just kept improving. From the J1-only training on Founders’ Day, to the various friendlies we had with other JCs(21-0 river valley), to floorball camp during the March holidays and all. 

Then there was our memorable A div experience where we trained and improved at a crazy pace, where we humiliated HCJC 4-0 in the group stages in front of their very own huge group of supporters, and lost to MJC 0-8 in the semi-finals in front of our own supporters. In such a small period of time, there came the end of our journey with the J2s, on the day of our very last A div match which we lost 1-4 to VJC in the 3rd/4th placing to end off an incredibly emotional season of victory and loss. 

That was the peak of our improvement. With such limited time and space to train after A div, it has been hard finding the opportunity to improve myself. However from the end of A div to now, it has been amazingly eventful as well, from being nominated captain of the team, to organizing our own friendlies with other schools, and trying out for trials for floorball clubs. 

Last saturday, the current best player on the team, Jordan, invited me and two other top players to go and try out for the trials for Blacks, a Singapore Floorball League team who has teams competing in Divisions 2 and 5(Div 1 is the top and 5 is the bottom). We somehow established that the four of us were the top players of the team as well as the most passionate, and so Jordan decided to invite us to try out for a floorball club(which he had been training with for some time) and improve ourselves.

Initially, I was quite scared and reluctant to go for it. Because I felt extremely intimidated by the fact that I would be competing against the stronger players in the country for a spot in Blacks, given that the ex-AC Floorball captain from 2 years ago, Ivan, was training with the club in division 2.

The other two backed out, but I felt the obligation and thrill to try out for it for a new experience, even though I was extremely scared I would be considered subpar. So I decided to go for it Jordan. When I arrived, I saw various kinds of floorballers, from university students to middle aged working class men to Swedish players; they were all older than me, other than a few RJ floorballers who were clearly strong players(raffles were champs for A div). It was extremely frightening before it even started.

But it was quite surprising because as the trials went on, we found out that we were on par with majority of the players there. It ended off on a really good note with me getting to exchange numbers with the RJ vice capts and making friends. Ivan remarked at our surprising improvement from when he last saw us train a few months ago, and it was so pleasing to hear. Seriously looking forward to next week’s training.

With so much that has happened in such a short span of a few months, it’s quite amazing to see so much improvement in myself, as well as such a passion for floorball, a sport which I never once considered joining 6 months back. From being uncomfortable with simple passing then, to being able to play with RJ floorballers who have played since sec 1 now is incredible. I still feel so hungry to improve, and eager to know what will become of my team and I for A div next year. 

For these entire 6 months, not once have I regretted not joining badminton, and not once have I looked back after joining floorball. It has been nothing short of joy with this new sport that I have come to love so much, accompanied with the team’s warmth and acceptance which I can so readily embrace every training.

It’s a wonderful feeling, to know that there’s so much potential in you ready to boom, and this feeling is one that I have never felt with badminton which I have long left behind. Floorball has changed me so much. The game has sucked me in and has become my addiction, and I can confidently say that it will continue to be my source of joy for years to come.


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