When it all stops

I’ve always wondered what would happen to us when we die

It bothers me that whatever that I’m feeling now won’t be what I’ll be feeling when I face… death. It’s the loss of ability to sense and interact with tangible things that distinguishes between being alive and being dead, which is one thing for sure.

However what would happen to… Our thoughts? Our emotions? And all the memories we preserved in our minds while we were alive? Do they just disappear, for they are impalpable?

Do people who die just stop… feeling? 

In a Starcraft book I read(and thoroughly enjoyed reading), the preserver who faced death in battle had her spirit bottled in a crystal, where she was still able to communicate with the living in death.

But in this world we lack this isthmus; a receptable that stores these notions and after death, communicates feelings to the living world.

So it’s like thoughts and feelings and memories that once existed will cease to exist and never exist again.

I’ve always had a tendency to store pretty instances of life in my phone and look back to them later, snickering at joyful times or smiling at emotional messages immortalized in my gallery. 

When I view them time and time again, it’s that affectionate emotional connection that triggers within your heart which completes these experiences, fulfilling them with human sentiment and reminiscence.

Because I feel with the absence of human sentiment and relation, these instances are just experiences immortalized but with zero value because no one else will ever be able to appreciate these moments again.

It’s a pitiful thought, coming to realise that golden moments in life will be lost from the realm with one’s passing.

We have to treasure the appreciable instances in our lives we choose to immortalize, be it in our minds or in our phone galleries, and shower them with an abundance of love and delight, for there is a time that will come; when we face death; the stoppage of feelings, the dissipitation of memories and experiences, and the fading of sentiment, where these instances will simply be lost to the continuity of the world.

We love and keep loving, because that helps us live through all these precious moments with passion and emotion.

The day we start dying is the day we stop feeling.

thank you for helping me understand this

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