This is Vig and Kumar, #33 and #34, twins, skilled floorballers, humble and disciplined, natural leaders, and only 20 years old.

the two donning Singapore’s jersey

It’s hard to come by such awe-inspiring people, motivated and passionate. These are people of true stature. Artlessly, they emanate an aura that moves those around them. At such a young age, they have come to master the game, having played alongside the best floorballers in Singapore for the Floorball SEA games 2015, a huge stage that flaunts profession and talent of the people we can only wish to emulate. Even so, they remain humble and down-to-earth. Regardless of their status, they do not exclude or forget those who have played alongside them, nor do they neglect their Alma mater and juniors. They constantly interact with those younger and more inexperienced than them, advising them on how to improve themselves while being warm, friendly, and amiable confidants, having remarkable social astuteness that extends far beyond their tender age.

This is the finest form of leadership, and it truly is an honour to be associated with them. Modest, talented, and born leaders, they are a stunning reflection of near-perfection.

you only have to talk to either of them once to know it



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